What a fantastic tournament!

December 4, 2023 7:34 pm

KBC hosted the Kelowna Open on Dec 2-3.  It was a fantastic tournament that provided plenty of friendly competition and a lot of fun to over 50 players.  While most were from Kelowna, we had players join from Kamloops and Prince George.  The youngest were in their teens, including our men’s singles winner, Harrison. The oldest were in their 70s.

Thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers that put in a lot of effort to make this tournament so successful.  Anubhav, TK, and Khushi were involved in organizing the tournament and running the draws.  There was a team of kitchen volunteers led by Harp and Donna that provided food and drink throughout the weekend.  Lots of other volunteers helped out in various ways.  There were plenty of people cheering and enjoying the games.  At the end of it there were plenty of sore players along with a few champions that were awarded with a plant.

Thanks to all those who participated and congratulations to those that won:

MS:  1. Harrison    2. Neil    3/4 David and Ayush
WS:  1. Ezreena    2. Alaira    3. Nachi
MD:  1. Anubhav / Hector    2. Neil / Martin    3. Sourabh / Jack    4. Arman / Hong
WD:  1. Ezreena / Lin    2. Khushi / Lian    3. Sona / Harpreet
MX:  1. Lisa / Ayush    2. Ezreena / Martin    3/4 Khushi / Anubhav and Lin / Andy
80+:  1. Anubhav / Martin    2/3 Hector / Kevin and Ahmad / Morris    4. Markus / Blaine
100+:  1. Randy / Hector    2. Neil / Martin    3/4 Kevin / Morris and Andy / Jono

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