Renew your memberships by October 10!!

September 30, 2022 1:52 pm

Dear KBC Member:

We welcome you to the 2022/2023 badminton season at KBC!

We have a fantastic group of volunteers on our board this year and are excited about this coming season of badminton after being impacted by the pandemic over the last couple of years.  It will be good to get back to more normal operation, and we hope you are looking forward to this coming year at KBC as well.  Here are some items to be aware of.

2022/2023 Memberships:
All membership renewals have been due since September 1, which is the start of our membership year.  If you haven’t done so already, please renew your membership at Anyone that was a member in good standing as of this August is eligible for the renewal rate.  Of course, new members are also welcome at the new member rate.  MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT RENEWED BY OCTOBER 10 (THANKSGIVING) WILL HAVE THEIR KEY CARDS TURNED OFF AND BE INELIGIBLE TO PLAY UNTIL THEY RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP.  Please renew your membership as soon as possible to avoid being disconnected.

Court Shoes:
We remind everyone that SHOES WORN OUTSIDE ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE COURTS.  We require everyone to have clean indoor shoes to use our facility.  Please take off your outdoor shoes in the foyer or change room and change into appropriate indoor shoes for playing.  This keeps our floors clean, reduces wear and reduces the chance of injury due to dirt on the courts.

Communicable Illness:
If you have any kind of respiratory illness, we ask that you avoid the club for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms.  This courtesy prevents spreading illness among other KBC players and makes the club safer for everyone.  This rule is the last remaining COVID protocol and it applies to any respiratory illness, whether COVID or flu or whatever else is out there.  Thanks in advance for being considerate in this way.

Booking Courts:
The Skedda booking system we have been using will remain in place.  You can book a court or join one of several established groups by contacting the group organizer first.  If you require a booking account, please send a note to to have one set up for you.  When you book, please list the FULL names of all participants in the NOTES field of the booking so the Booking Director can manage the bookings more easily.  It only takes you a few seconds more and makes things much easier for the volunteer Booking Director that has to review each one.

Guests are again welcome at KBC.  A KBC member is responsible for any guests they bring and must register them here BEFORE playing:  Bookings must identify guests as such.

Intro to KBC Badminton:
Coach TK has started and introductory session on Saturday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm for new or prospective members.  It’s a great way to learn about how we do things at KBC and find out about appropriate groups to play in.  See for more information.

Coach Shen is running a free weekly session on Sundays from 3pm to 5pm for juniors, families and beginners.  Come out to play some organized games or to get some tips on how to improve your game.  See for more information.

With the end of pandemic restrictions, we are planning to return to hosting a few tournaments this coming year.  This includes a Junior B tournament and Provincial Masters tournament in the spring.  First up, though, is the Kelowna Open this fall.  Stay tuned to the website for details and be prepared to join in for a little competition and a lot of fun.  Finally, KBC is honoured to support youth sport by hosting the badminton event for the postponed BC Winter Games in March.

Junior Training:
Our excellent junior training program started last week, but it’s not too late to join.  Our coaches do a great job of teaching important skills and instilling a love for the game in our young athletes.  See for all the details or contact

We really are excited about this coming season and we hope you will join us in making KBC better than ever.  We are always looking for volunteers to help improve things.  If you have some expertise or ideas on how to do that, please contact any one of our board members and get involved.

Enjoy the club!
The KBC Executive

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