New Board Elected at the AGM

June 21, 2019 8:01 am

Hi to all members the AGM was held on June 9 2019 and many things were accomplished with a good turnout of members who voted on the issues facing our club. Some of the major issues were:

1. New Bylaws were accepted and will be posted on the web page these new bylaws cleaned up some issues and brings our club into compliance with the new Society Act.

2. Annual Fees. There was much discussion but it was decided to increase the fees slightly for all members so that we can start a building fund. These also will be showing up on the web site.

3. Your new executive for 2019/2020 which can be seen on the web page soon.

4. The junior members age has been reduced to 18. All members are encouraged to wear protective eye wear when playing.

Your new KBC Executive is as follows please feel free to contact any of them with any questions or concerns and they are all available to purchase inventory from.

President: Mike Christian

Vice President: Martin Weilmeier

Secretary: Wayne Chang

Treasurer: Val Warwick

and in compliance with the new bylaws the following members were voted in as members at large and will have their duties decided by the executive at their meeting..

Andy Galloway

Norm Tearoe

Colin Comfort

Ann Whittle

Madelyn Hamilton

Donna Campbell

Lyndsay Thomson

TK Hirose

Heather Wilson

The board expressed their thanks to Karen Quigley and Harpreet Sidu for their efforts the past years on the board. The club is made stronger with our volunteers. KBC Executive


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