Neil Ward Champion!

November 4, 2022 9:18 pm

At this year’s Vancouver Racquet Club Master’s Badminton tournament, KBC’s own Neil Ward took the gold medal in three out of the four events. This is a remarkable achievement. Neil almost won four events with his lovely wife Lyndsay. They lost 16 in the third in the semi-finals of the 40 mixed doubles to the eventual winner. Neil started Saturday morning with an amazing win over long-time friend Terry Downton and then proceeded to beat the Number 1 and the Number 2 seeds in the 40-45 singles category. Neil later partnered with Terry in the Men’s 45 doubles to win all three games in their round-robin to capture the title. And finally, Neil partnered with Mike Nguyen from Vancouver to win the Men’s 40 doubles as well. This is a tremendous result for one of our very own members, way to go Neil!

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