Letter from KBC Junior Direction

September 2, 2020 4:45 pm

Dear KBC parents/guardians:

My name is Harpreet Sidhu, and I will be the new Junior Director for the year of Fall 2020 – Summer 2021.  Our Program Director, Lyndsay Thomson, will manage all coaching programs, and I will work closely with her to communicate with you regarding updated program information and policies.  While I know some parents and children, I am excited to know more and work with you all. It’s my pleasure to assist you, and I am happy to answer questions/inquiries at Juniors@kelownabadminton.ca 

After three months of shut down in spring, Kelowna Badminton Club opened its doors in June to welcome athletes and enjoy badminton with revised policies and rules laid out in accordance with Provincial Sport Organization COVID protocols. We are happy to announce that Junior Coaching Program has been set for Fall 2020, and we want to ensure the success of this program by following the guidelines designed to prevent COVID spread.  

Our new coaching team consists TK Hirose, Matt Downton, and Shen Lai.  We welcome our team back and feel great pride in introducing Shen Lai as our new coaching member.  Shen will primarily work with Early and Young Hitters group while being mentored by TK Hirose.  

Fall Juniors Program will begin on September 14, 2020 and end on December 19, 2020.  It is 14 months in duration and composed of 4 different groups: Early Hitters, Young Hitters, Intermediate, and Competitive.  The days, times, and rates are listed on Kelowna Badminton Club website.  Please make sure your child has been registered for club membership before you register them in the coaching program. The yearly membership fee is $80.00 for new members; however, the renewal membership rate is $60.00 – the fee is reduced to compensate club shut down in Spring 2020.

Without a doubt, the Juniors Program will look different this year with added safety and health checks.  There are important rules that must be followed by the parents and children while watching and playing badminton at the club.  COVID parameters will be adhered by our coaches and we kindly request you support our coaches and juniors by following the revised rules and regulations. The following is a list of COVID parameters:

  1. KBC coaches will be aware of all COVID protocols surrounding minors laid out by KBC and Provincial Sport organization.
  2. Coaches will check in with each athlete as they arrive to their session by asking the following questions:
    a). Have they shown any signs of respiratory illness in the last two weeks?
    b). Did they have a fever in the last two weeks?
    c). Did you travel outside of Canada in the last two weeks?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then the junior will be returned home.
  3. Coaches will do a temperature check of kids coming in with an infrared non-contact thermometer.  Anyone showing fever will need to leave immediately.
  4. No parents will be allowed to access the viewing area
  5. All parents of kids over the age of 11 will be asked to drop the children off at the door for each session.  The coaches will be monitoring the door to ensure that there is only one athlete and a family member in the lobby at any given time.
  6. For the purpose of trace contacting, all KBC players follow the court booking system.  This is set up to ensure the release of information of COVID infection, if it happens.  To comply with this policy, we request all parents to provide their cell phones should the child needs to be sent home immediately after their arrival at the club.
  7. All athletes must bring their own water bottles as all the water coolers at the club are turned off. 
  8. All athletes must bring their safety goggles with them each session, and the goggles can’t be shared with other athletes.  
  9. There are a limited number of athletes allowed to the washrooms at a given time.  Maximum two persons can access washrooms at a time, and they must adhere to social distancing rules.
  10. Parents must make sure that they are arriving and leaving the club on scheduled times.  Long wait times can – not be accommodated by coaches.
  11. For all parents of children under the age of 12: they may enter the building and watch their children from an area designated by the coach.  The maximum number of parents allowed in the building is 10. This is the maximum number of people accommodated to sit safely around the courts.
  12. The coaches will abide the following rules:
    a.) Ensure that all athletes sanitize their hands before walking onto the court, once during the session, and one at the end of the session
    b.) Provide programming that allows for lessons to support social distancing as much as possible c.) Ensure that athletes are not giving high fives or physically touching at any point during the lesson

While we do our best to deliver a successful and enjoyable playing program to our juniors, there may be some suggestions and questions from parents/guardians that could help us enhance our programs.  We welcome your collaboration with our coaches and executives to help us assist our juniors in fun-filled and friendly manner. We look forward to working with you and the children.

Kind regards,

Harpreet Sidhu
KBC Junior Director

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