Kelowna Open Thanks

December 4, 2017 8:15 pm

The Executive, Tournament Director TK Hirose and Social Directors Donna Campbell and Harpreet Sidhu would like to thank all the players who entered the tournament, congratulate the winners and say a huge thanks to the volunteers who as always helped make the day a success.

The Volunteers are a huge part of our club so a big thanks go to: Mike Christian for his usual helpful input and time, Neil Ward and Cory Kunz for keeping the matches on track and on time up in the office.

Donna and Harpreet would like to thank the following people, Tony Neville, Maggie Craig, Gill Pittman, Anne & John Whittall as well as Madelyn Hamilton and Doug Campbell for their Chilli making skills.

Thanks to TK for organising and running the tournament job well done!!

The winners of the tournament are as follows:

Doubles MD
1 Eric Chiu [2]
Neil Ward
2 Cory Kunz [1]
Scot william ro Young
3/4 Colin Comfort [3]
Martin Weilmeier
3/4 Hong Chen
Takashi Hirose
          Singles M
Consolation winner
 Mike Lennon
Singles W
1 Yuzu Saito [2]
2 Lyndsay Thomson [1]
3/4 Claudia Lauretta
3/4 Sarah Nishimura
1 Yuzu Saito
Ezreena Scott
2 Claudia Lauretta
Harpreet Kaur Sidhu
3/4 Sarah Nishimura
Moe Ohno
3/4 Keira Comfort
Emily Girard
Mixed Doubles
1 Scot william ro Young
Ezreena Scott
2 Martin Weilmeier
Harpreet Kaur Sidhu
3/4 Takashi Hirose
Emily Girard
3/4 Ashley D Robertson
Yuzu Saito

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