KBC Open Tournament

November 6, 2017 9:50 am

KBC is happy to announce that the KBC Open Tournament will be happening the weekend of the 2-3 of December 2017.  Hope to see as many members as possible enter and enjoy the fun of competition. The low entry fee includes lunch on Saturday.. ENTRY DEADLINE IS NOV. 30 2017

Please contact the KBC Tournament Director for more information :  TK Hirose   250-300-4557  ;    t.hirose1412@gmail.com

Players should enter online using the following link:   https://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=4949F107-DF3F-4093-A963-E99754EE0DB0   where you will also find the cost and regulations.

The Executive apologises  for the inconvenience to our members who play during these times but  you may want to enter and get your exercise and fun in the tournament or volunteer your time to help your club put on a great event and watch some amazing play. Please contact the Social Directors for more information or to volunteer your time :     Donna Campbell and Harpreet Sidu ;   Social@kelownabadminton.ca 


KBC Executive

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