COVID-19 Information

March 11, 2020 5:25 pm

The KBC Executive wants to assure the general membership that we are taking this Pandemic seriously. We are ensuring that our janitor does extra cleaning on touch surfaces and attempting to add more anti bacterial hand sanitizers around the club but that being said members are reminded that simple hand washing with soap and water is a very good step in minimizing risk.
Also recommended is no handshaking, high fives or fist pumps! Sportsmanship being what it is in our badminton environment this is a hard habit to break but maybe try just a quick wave across the net.
If you are not feeling well please stay home we have a large senior membership that could be put at risk.
Please take the time to read the information included in the following link.

Also as you know we have the Ogopogo tournament set to go March 27 -29 2020. The Executive will be making a decision on whether to go ahead with this in the next week. Please stay tuned..

Thanks and stay healthy!! KBC Executive

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