A Note Regarding Junior Program Sign-up 2021

January 19, 2021 9:46 pm

Hello Parents and Athletes!

Welcome back! We have had a lovely break over the holidays and have had time to put together a new program that keeps our athletes safe while having fun.
Our Winter session will offer “Singles Only” as we continue to have a maximum of 10 athletes in the building at one time. Please take a moment to review our new classes that we are offering:
February 1st – May 1st: 13 week program

TUESDAY: Coach Matt
Group A, ages 12-14, (5-6pm): This session is open to those that have been playing badminton over the last year. Coach Matt will be taking time to solidify the basics of badminton.
Group B, ages 14-16, (6-7pm): This class will continue to work from the basics and begin to look at an introduction to competition in singles. Shot placement and footwork will be a focus on the singles court.
Group C (Competitive), ages 16-18, (7-8pm): This group is for those that have been at a competition level and have participated in tournament play. Court movement and shot consistency will be taught.

FRIDAY: Coach Shen
Friday is Game day! Each session will involve Singles play with coaching around strategy. 
Group A: 5-6pmGroup B: 6-7pmGroup C: 7-8pm
Your athlete has the choice to sign up for one day or both. 

SATURDAY: Coach ShenEarly Hitters: 5-6 years: We will continue to offer our little ones this Introduction to badminton. We look forward to working with this age group on eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and working with others. Developing a love for sport is our focus 🙂
Young Hitters: 7-11 years: This group will focus on learning the rules of the game, improving footwork and overall eye-hand coordination. The basics of stroke and rally will be taught. This is a great group for your young ones to burn off some energy and have some fun 🙂
**PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL GROUPS: The limit for each group is 10 athletes. Please ensure that you are signing your athlete up for the session that is most appropriate for their skill level. The Coaching team reserves the right to move an athlete into a more appropriate group if required, to ensure that the athlete receives the best experience possible.
As you can appreciate, there are limited spots available. We expect that when an athlete signs up for a session that they will honour that spot by attending the sessions weekly. If your athlete is unable to commit to regular attendance, please feel free to email us and we will try to accommodate them as best we can.

We look forward to starting our new session! Please check the website, January 21st, to sign up!

Lyndsay KBC Program Director

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