Rules and Regulations

Kelowna Badminton Club
Rules and Regulations

The Kelowna Badminton Club (KBC) runs on an honour system; members are expected to be friendly and courteous to other players (members or guests). Members are expected to adhere to the following rules, and to ensure that guests and fellow members adhere to the following rules. Download Bylaws Download rules and regulations

  1. In response to COVID-19, KBC has had to adopt other regulations that need to be followed:  View Policies
  2. COURT SHOES MUST be worn in court area. This refers to the entire court area, not just the courts. It is essential to CARRY INDOOR SHOES to the club so that we do not track in sand and dirt from outside, which will damage the wooden floors. There are shoes in both locker rooms for people to borrow if needed.
  3. ENTRY CARDS are not to be loaned out to anyone. This includes family members. Cards are for the exclusive use of the member. Members will arned once, and risk having their entry card revoked for a second infraction.
  4. GUESTS must come with Member, Sign in & Pay Drop-in Fee BEFORE entering court area. The member who invites the guest must sign them in the guest book provided. If a guest is not signed in, they will not be covered by our insurance. *If a visitor is not accompanied by a member and you allow them in, you become responsible for their visit. You must sign the visitor in the guest book and ensure that they pay the drop-in fee. They must leave when you leave – unless another member is willing to take responsibility for them at that time.
  5. PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR must be worn by everyone UNDER THE AGE OF 19. This is mandatory for our insurance and all members are expected to enforce this rule. If you bring in a junior to play, you are responsible to ensure they are wearing protective eyewear. There are glasses available for purchase in the club’s vending machine or from an executive member.
  6. KEEP THE KITCHEN AND LOUNGE CLEAN. As a courtesy for other members, clean up after yourselves. Return borrowed cups & clean kitchen after use. If you borrow a cup from the kitchen for water, you are expected to return it & place it in the dishwasher. Please run the dishwasher when it is full.
  7. LAST PERSON TO LEAVE Last person to leave the building should ensure the doors are secure, the LIGHTS ARE TURNED OFF, and HEAT IS TURNED DOWN upstairs. Court lights are on motion sensors and will turn off automatically in a few minutes.
  8. CELL PHONES Please avoid using cell phones while on the court. This includes turning the phone off, unless emergency calls are expected.