Do I need to be a member to play at the Kelowna Badminton Club?

Yes, you need to have a current membership to play at the club.  Yearly memberships are very affordable and offer 24 hour access to the club with ability to book courts.
Under current Covid19 guidelines, Drop-ins and Guests are not permitted.  Please consult all of our Covid19 guidelines before purchasing a membership.

I just bought a new KBC membership, what now?

Welcome to the KBC!

  • You’ll need your KBC Access Card to… access the club.  Pick up your access card 7 days after registration at the club during the noted pickup times.  Make sure to use your card to “tap-in” each time you visit the club.
  • Get access to “Skedda,” our court booking system.  Contact us to get access: info@kelownabadminton.ca.  Once you have a “Skedda” login you can book courts and play with other KBC members.
  • Join the Tuesday Night Ladder or a training program and keep levelling up your skill level.  See our website for information.
  • Find a regular playing group that matches your skill level.  Check the Court Schedule and contact a group organizer directly to see about joining a group.


I'm a new Member, how do I find people to play with?

Finding playing partners can be challenging so here are your options:

  • Arrange games yourself and book a court on our website. At this time we are not accepting Guests so please book with other KBC members.
  • Join our Facebook Group and post looking for playing partners. Just list your playing level and what you are looking for and someone will reach out to you!
  • Get involved with a weekly group! There are a number of regular groups that play throughout the week on different nights and days. Each group has a different playing level and an organizer. It’s about finding the right fit so find the group that’s right for you! Check the Court Schedule to find the contact information for the group organizers.  Contact the group organizer directly to join a group.

I'm new in town or just in town for a visit and want to play while here, when can I drop in to play badminton and is there a drop-in fee?


We know it can be hard to meet players when you’re new in town.  If you are a new member, currently the best place to meet playing partners is by joining our KBC Members Facebook Group and post what you are looking for.

KBC also has several informal regular weekly groups of various levels, contact the executive to discuss what days and time might be a good fit for you.

Does the club supply racquets and shuttles?

KBC has a limited supply of loaner racquets, but you must provide your own shuttles and non-marking court shoes.  To use a loaner racquet, talk to a KBC executive. Most groups play with feather shuttles which are available for purchase at the club, if playing with your own group and choose to play with plastic these are also available for purchase.  Contact info@kelownabadminton.ca and ask for our Director of Inventory, Andy, to arrange a time to purchase gear.

Where can I buy equipment?

KBC sells Victor equipment on site and we can order both Black Knight and Yonex. You can contact any member of the executive or check the list in the lobby and upstairs for members that sell goods and they will be able to help.  To arrange a time to buy gear at the club please email info@kelownabadminton.ca and a Board Member will reach out to you.  Alternatively, local shops like Sportchek also sell raquets and shuttles.

If I become a member when can I play?

Full-time Adult Membership includes 24/7 access with a key card.  All playing options are listed on our website under the tab marked “Play Badminton.” You can book a court with other members to play, join a regular playing group, join Tuesday Ladder or Saturday Playtime, or join a training program.

Can I loan out my key card to a friend so they can go play?

No there is absolutely no loaning out of your access card, this may result in the cancellation of your membership, as a member you must be with any guests you bring to the club and are responsible for their conduct.

Do you rent the club out for other events?

KBC is used strictly for badminton.  KBC regularly hosts tournaments, coaching clinics, badminton summer camps, and school field trips.  Members are welcome to make use of the facilities for personal enjoyment after playing.  For any and all inquiries please email info@kelownabadminton.ca

What is the drop in policy for guests who wish to play at the Kelowna Badminton Club?

*Due to Covid19, at this point there are no drop-in possibilities to play at the club.  You must be a Member to play and follow our new guidelines.  So become a KBC Member now, we have a variety of very affordable membership options.  


For Your Information, during normal operations when Covid19 precautions are not in effect we accommodate drop-ins as seen below:

Adult drop-in is $10
Junior drop-in is $5

Players who are not members of the Kelowna Badminton Club (KBC) but who wish to play on a “drop in”
basis may do so following these steps:

  • A member of KBC must sign the name of the guest(s) in the guest book in the lobby, including their own name.
  • The KBC member must collect the drop in fee of $10.00 per guest ($5 per Junior,) prior to start of play, place the drop in fee(s) in an envelope with their name and the name of the guest(s) and the day and time and deposit the envelope in the drop in box to the left of the entrance to the courts.
  • A KBC member must be present during the entirety of the guest’s visit.
  • The guest must agree to, and the KBC member must ensure that, their guest(s) abide(s) by all the rules of the KBC, including but not limited to proper footwear and protective eyewear for juniors.
  • Guests are encouraged to become members in order to experience all that KBC has to offer. To become a member.  Visit the membership page for details.