COVID-19 Guidelines

KBC Guidelines for Playing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Revised June 24, 2020

Requirements to Play at KBC

You must be a member of KBC to play. No guests may play at this time, unless approved
by the executive.
• You must have a valid booking (see Booking Courts). You may not show up without one.
• You must arrive after your booking starts and leave before your booking ends.
• You must have your access card with you and card-in for tracking purposes. No
• You must come changed and ready to play.
• You must have indoor-only court shoes.
• You must have your own water/drink if you need it.
• You must follow all distancing protocols at the club (see below).
• You must wash or sanitize your hands prior to playing and as you leave. There are
sanitization stations around the courts.

Requirements to Stay Away from KBC

• Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days. Symptoms include
fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle
aches or headache.
• Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate.
• Anyone who was arrived from outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
• Anyone has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.

The Courts

• Singles is recommended, but doubles is allowed if all players on court agree.
• If playing doubles, players should consider fixed partners and/or partners within their
social bubble.
• Players should consider using separate marked shuttles so that each player only touches
their own shuttle. If all players on a court are comfortable with the using same shuttle,
they are encouraged to sanitize their hands before playing, avoid touching their face
while playing, and sanitize their hands after playing.
• No more than 2 additional people can be assigned to a court and be waiting or sitting.
• All waiting players must be seated in one of the marked spots or stand at least 2 m from
anyone else.

• Avoid unnecessary movement behind the courts.
• Maintain a 2 m distance from everyone else. The one exception is when playing,
particularly doubles, and all players on that court must agree to this risk.
• A wave or virtual high-five should replace the traditional handshake. No physical
• Players are not allowed to enter the building prior to their scheduled start time.
• Players must leave the building prior to their scheduled end time.
• Players should leave the building when they are done playing. Lingering or socializing
anywhere inside the club is discouraged.

Other Areas

• No waiting in the foyer. Players leaving should do so before players entering and
maintain a 2 m distance.
• The change rooms and showers are unavailable for use at this time. Players should
come ready to play and shower at home.
• The washrooms are available if necessary. Only 2 people are allowed in each change
room at a time and must keep 2 m from each other.
• The upstairs viewing area and kitchen are unavailable for any use at this time.
• No spectators are allowed in the building at this time. Drivers/rides must wait outside.

Booking Courts

• KBC members must have a court booking for a specific court in order to play. That court
can be booked for either singles (encouraged) or doubles, with a maximum of 2 people
sitting in either case. There are no exceptions to these maximums.
• Courts are booked online at which can be accessed
from our website at
• Court bookings must identify the specific people included in the booking and only those
players may arrive at the club to play.
• At the discretion of the Booking Manager, multiple courts may be booked by a single
person on behalf of a group. That person becomes responsible for all of the courts they
have booked to ensure that their group complies with the rules. Each member of the
group needs to be aware that they have a spot and the booker needs to be aware of
everyone actually coming to ensure capacity limits are followed.
• The member making a booking must be able to provide a contact phone number for
each person included in their booking upon request.
• Courts may be booked up to one week in advance.
• Courts that will not be used must be cancelled at least one day in advance to make them
available for other players. Booking courts and not using them may result in suspension
of booking privileges.
• Groups wishing to book courts on a repeating basis may request the Booking Manager
to set that up. They are responsible for managing the specific people playing each time
they are scheduled. They are responsible for cancelling bookings that will not be used.

• Restricted access members may only book courts during the times the facility is
available to them.

• Juniors may book courts at any time, but their access cards only work during junior-
specific times. Juniors still require a supervising adult in the building, which must either

be playing on court or in one of the designated seats in the gym. Parents are no longer
able to wait upstairs.
• The Booking Manager has the right to cancel or modify any booking.

While KBC is committed to minimizing risk through policies and building changes, all risks
cannot technically be eliminated. Each player must assess their own risk tolerance in deciding
whether and how to enjoy the club.
We appreciate your patience while we all navigate our “new normal” here at KBC. We will
continue to move forward with our members’ best interests in mind while abiding by our
regional and provincial guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all of our members. We
ask players to be respectful of other players that may have different views on personal safety
during this time. The executive will review any issues and adjust policies as needed.