Adult Training

Scot Young is pleased to offer a variety of Adult Training Programs at KBC.

  • Please note, to enroll in Training, players must also be KBC members.
  • Contact Coach Scot at <> to register.
  • Note that Scot Young is a Contractor (and not an employee) of the Kelowna Badminton Club and is solely responsible for the collection of fees and conduct of
  • all lessons conducted at Kelowna Badminton Club.

Programs and costs for the 2017/18 season are as coming soon.

Traditional programs include:

Adult Competitive Training (Age 16+)

These sessions are for top junior and competitive adult players who compete in local and provincial tournaments. Focusing on technical skills, deception, tactical decision-making, and badminton fitness. Most sessions will be followed by match play.

– includes feather shuttles for training and games

Adult Intermediate Training Group (Age 19+)

For adults who are strong recreational and or semi-competitive players looking to improve racket skills, footwork and tactics.

– includes feather shuttles for training and games

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Lessons (Age 16+)

For Adults new to badminton, or those not so new who want to learn new techniques and practice skills at a relaxed pace.

– includes feather shuttles for training and games

Adult Masters Beginner/Intermediate Lessons (Age 30+)

For adults without prior experience who wish to build skills and learn the game for recreational play.

– includes feather shuttles for training and games

Adult Masters Intermediate Lessons (Age 30+)

For recreational players who wish to fine-tune their skills and improve their knowledge of the technical aspects of the game.

– includes feather shuttles for training and games