KBC Coaching Team

KBC is pleased to introduce our new coaching team!!

Matt Downton

Matt Downton has been coming to KBC since he was four years old and has since risen to the level of National/International level player. With the help of elite level coaching and amazing parents, Matt was able to spend most of his high school years training and competing on the Provincial and National circuit of tournaments. Summers were filled with fitness and badminton training camps with dozens of coaches from all over the world. This helped Matt gain unique perspectives for the sport and develop as an elite player.  Matt competed in the Pan-American Championships for Team Canada as well as at the World Junior Championships in Japan in 2012. After high school, Matt moved to Vancouver and continued to train and compete with national team members on the open circuit for two more years.  Matt gained coaching experience in a variety of clubs with players of all ages and abilities. Recently, Matt moved to Kelowna in January of 2019 and is excited to be coaching at his home club, and even more delighted to be able to help develop the skills of a younger generation.  He can’t wait to share the skills he has gained in order to help other players achieve their goals and to increase awareness of badminton in the Okanagan.K Hirose


TK Hirose

TK first started playing badminton in high school and played competitively all across South East Asia. He has been playing badminton recreationally and competitively for 12 years. Recently, he has transitioned into coaching and has supported many new players in the game of badminton; training athletes of all ages and creating a connection with the community. TK was the Head Coach for the 2018 BC Winter Games and continues to coach the Okanagan region for this provincial endeavour.  He has coached students from Claro Life and introduced newcomers to try badminton. TK is passionate about community and sport and looks forward to a year of fun in developing our grassroots programs.


Cory Kunz

Cory has been playing badminton for 13 years and competed in local tournaments since starting. His journey has taken him to the coaching side of the sport where he has coached here at the Kelowna Badminton Club for 4 years and was the head coach for the Zone 2 (Okanagan) team at the BC Winter Games. Cory began playing in high school and instantly fell in love with the sport. Cory grew up playing baseball as a pitcher, so power came naturally but enjoyed learning the more technical side of badminton, as he appreciates the athleticism involved in this fast-paced sport. Cory believes badminton is truly a game for all ages and skill abilities, and that sport becomes the most fun when you learn how to perform the different techniques and shots. He looks forward to having fun while developing a large range of skills for all athletes.